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Group Benefits

Group-BenefitsMany businesses today face challenges in attracting and retaining top employees. As a business owner, you know the importance of employee benefits and their contribution to your business success. We will work with you to develop a program tailored to your individual circumstances. These products and services are designed to provide solutions to your personal and business financial needs, including:

We believe that employees are a company’s greatest asset and should be treated as such. Our experienced team of agents will find the best, most tax-effecient plan for you so that you can save money while providing your employees with the coverage that they deserve. Let us handle the burden so that you can focus on running your business.

The Benefits of Offering Group Health Insurance

  1. Reduces Absenteeism: Healthy employees means fewer missed days, more focused productivity, and an overall reduced risk of spreading illnesses to other members of your team.
  2. Attracts & Keeps the Best Talent: Offer additional benefits to find and incentivize top-performing employees who demand coverage. Group insurance means better business.
  3. Offers Tax Benefits for the Business Owner: You can save money while also offering benefits to your employees. Talk to your accountant about health insurance expenses being 100% tax deductible.
  4. Offers Tax Benefits for Employees: Your premiums are deducted from your paycheck with pre-tax dollars, meaning the money is deducted from your wages before taxes are applied.
  5. Fosters Team Spirit and Productivity: Your team is more likely to feel respected and appreciated when you offer group health insurance as a benefit. This feeling creates a better workplace culture.

Many of our group health plans offer options including:

  • Care Support Programs: Easy access to personal health coaches, and a wealth of information and tools designed to help you make the right hospital, physician and care choices.Top-Notch Customer Service
    Our agents are experts in every aspect of group insurance, so they’ll always be willing and able to help with any questions.
  • BlueCard® Program: Access to a worldwide network of providers and organizations is available with the BlueCard®.
  • E-Medicine: Allow your employees to communicate with physicians and offices via the web.
  • Ease of Administration: Streamlined enrollment and renewal processing make this hassle-free for you and your employees.
  • Discounts on Special Services: Your employees can save on services like LASIKsurgery, hearing aids, alternative medicine, bikehelmets, fitness club memberships and more.
  • 24/7 Coverage: 24-hour online member self-service as well as resources to make informed health choices.
  • Additional Products and Services: Reimbursement Accounts, BlueDental® Plans,Life Essentials basic life insurance, BlueRestore short-term disability plans and more.

Understanding Group Health Insurance Plans

When it comes to group health insurance, looking after your team has never been more affordable than with Group Health Insurance. Without offering your employees proper health coverage, illness and health problems can interfere with your business.

With many different health plans available, the 4 main types of Health Insurance Plans are:

  1. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): for claims to be paid at highest level, employees select doctors and hospitals from a list, most common plan
  2. Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO): Employee typically select one primary care physician (PCP), offers a wide range of health care services through a network of providers either contracted exclusively with HMO or agree to service members
  3. Health Savings Account (HSA)-Qualified: designed specifically for use with health savings accounts and can be used in conjunction with a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA’s)
  4. Indemnity: Allows members to direct their health care, visit any doctor or hospital, where insurance pays a set portion of total charges and sometimes employees pay for services up front to later be reimbursed by the insurance company

Selecting the right Group Health Insurance Plan can be a difficult process. We can help you decide your options and based on your team, need, and budget, which health insurance plan is right for you. Get the help and free professional advice you deserve.

Is Group Insurance Right for my Business?

Health impacts the quality of life of the very people you rely on to keep things running smoothly at work. But it also impacts your bottom line. Missing deadlines, client meetings, or being understaffed can cost profits, projects, clients, and sales, making health insurance an investment that pays off for your staff and business.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, but its growth and success still rest on how well it operates day-to-day. Health insurance looks after the health of your business by looking after the people who help it operate – your staff.

Offering Health Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

So you know you need to offer health insurance, but the problem is health insurance can get really confusing, really fast. And you’re not prepared to tackle all of the questions that your employees may have. But don’t worry, that’s where we come in.
With the free help of our agents, you’ll know you’re getting the right coverage at the right price. And since your business and your employees are unique, we’ve got over 40 plan options to help ensure your package perfectly suits the needs of your company.

How Does Group Insurance Work?

Whether you’re a small business owner or the head of an HR department at a large firm, our insurance agents will meet with whoever is in charge of handling benefits at your company.
We want to make this process painless for you, so it’s entirely on your terms. Some of our current clients like discussing their benefits through any of the following:

  • Over the phone, call or text with one of our agents at any time
  • Meet in-person, at your office or ours
  • Over lunch or a quick coffee
  • Online chat or Facebook Messenger – especially handy when traveling overseas with limited cell reception (TIP: never leave home without travel medical insurance)

At our first meeting, we should be able to finalize which plans your company will be offering. Most businesses select between 3 and 5 health insurance plans to offer their employees.

We’ll need to figure out how much employer and employee contributions will be. This means that companies split the cost of the health insurance premiums with their employees. The employee pays the rest of the premium and the actual medical bills when utilized.

How the Affordable Care Act Tax Affects You

When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, the size and structure of your workforces based on full-time employees determines benefits and responsibilities.

Wanting Group Health Coverage, But Work Doesn’t Cover You?

Group Health Insurance coverage offers a lower insurance premium with more coverage and ways to look after your health. But when your employer doesn’t provide Health Insurance coverage, the good news is that many membership organizations will, such as:

  • Alumni Associations
  • Affiliated Workers Associations
  • Professional Organizations (Writers Guild of America, National Association for the Self Employed, etc.)
  • Unions
  • Freelancers Union
  • AARP

Group Insurance

When you’re busy managing a company, you don’t have the time or resources to take over other tasks. However, when an employee gets sick, the responsibility and stress fall on you. But, with free help of our agents and the right group insurance policy, you can easily keep your employees and your business healthy.

How Will My Company Benefit from Offering Insurance?

As a business owner, you’re forced to rely on your employees for large portions of your company’s operations. By providing group insurance options, you’ll ensure that they stay healthy, feel appreciated, and you’ll even attract better, more qualified talent as your business continues to grow. Our expert agents are able to work with you for free to help you find the right policies to offer depending on your company’s specific situation.

If You’re a Small Business Owner

It is crucial to ensure that your key people are healthy enough to work with a business that has less than 50 employees.

  1. We offer several health insurance options, including PPO plans, an HSA plan and a POS plan so that you and your employees can select the perfect plan. A stand-alone dental insurance option is also available.
  2. Additionally, we offer an exclusive Hi-Low Flex plan that allows employees to choose a base plan or a buy-up plan so that they can find just the right amount of coverage for their needs and budget.

Own a Medium Sized Business?

Offering health insurance will help you attract new employees and retain the most talented staffers.

  1. We offer several health care options to choose from if your company has between 51 and 99 employees. We also offer dental, term life, disability, and a Healthy Outcomes Wellness Program that can earn you a credit towards your next medical renewal.
  2. The Healthy Outcomes Wellness Program will work towards improving your employees’ health, helping them to manage any disabilities, and reducing the chances high-risk employees incur medical complications.
  3. We aim to be your long-term health solution, so we offer more discount options and allow your employees to add HRA options to any of the plans at no additional cost.

Large Sized Businesses

Our Health Insurance options also include tax benefits for you, the business owner, and for all of your employees.

  1. If you’re running an enterprise with more than 100 employees, you need more options and more affordable rates. You can select self-funded or fully insured coverage through BlueCross. We offer many different health care plans, term life, disability, dental, and voluntary options with the opportunity to save five percent on rates with the package Pricing Program.
  2. We also offer Healthy Outcomes Wellness Programs that are personalized to keep each of your employees healthy and productive by tailor fitting a program to their daily needs. Group health benefits like these tend to also foster stronger camaraderie among team members and increase employee productivity.

Looking for Retiree Coverage?

  1. As your employees transition into retirement, we can help you continue to meet their needs.
  2. We offer three types of high quality retiree coverage that can help your retired employees pay for prescriptions, maintain wellness, and get the assistance that they need when the time comes. We make it easy for you to show your employees how much you care, from the time that you hire them all the way through their retirement.